About Me

Hey there Beauties!

I'm Maia & welcome to my website!
 Here I will touch on all of my favorite  topics; any and everything beauty, fashion, motherhood, home decor, traveling , my family & friends. To sum it all up, pretty much anything feminine and that excites me! 

 I am a Freelance Make Up Artist and the self proclaimed 'Beauty Messenger'.  I just have a passion for Make-up Artistry and giving beauty tips that help people feel beautiful.

I'm located in Maryland, centralized to both Washington, DC  (DMV) & Baltimore. You can ask me about anything from make-up to fashion... even traveling, and I will give any  and as much insight as possible.

My biggest accomplishment is a Princess name Morgan. She's 2 years old going on 22!  Being a'Mom' is the most important  job in this world. I'm so blessed to be a 'Mommy'!

This past year has  been extremely exciting for me. First, traveling as a Make-Up Artist, having my work published and now my Beauty Blog. I'm just so excited to share this journey with you.